Tuesday, September 6th 2016 at 7:00pm

David Dabbon has been considered one of the country's best, motivational and supportive Teachers and Vocal Coaches in the arts. Working to help performers reach their full potential.

Cost: $30

I know it's frustrating going into auditions feeling like you are getting mixed messages.  Sitting in auditions a lot, I see how many actors hide something which is a reason for that feeling.  Either hiding that you aren't the best singer, or that you fear that you will be boring.  Let me help you not have that feeling. 


In this masterclass you will be invited to sing an audition cut of your choice for me. Working on a lot of new musicals I see how hard it is to find the song that is right for auditions. We will be looking at shaping your cut and how it reflects who YOU are as a performer.  To keep you bright and genuine.  I am known for bringing an approach to help performers stay consistent and showcase what makes you unique.  

I work with actor/singer, actor/musicians, actors who have never sung before to some of the best vocalists out there.  Let me help you highlight your strengths.

Students that register will be invited to sing an audition cut up to 12 students. After 12 students register, there will be a waitlist as well as space for students to observe.