"David has truly been an essential part of my development as a performer, singer and actor. He has taught me the crucial skills to understanding music not only through lessons on music theory but lessons in analyzing text, acting choices and trusting natural instincts. He has steered me to always dig deeper in text examination and never be finished analyzing a song. Always be curious. I  use the lessons he has taught me in all of my audition work and theater work. He always creates a safe environment to learn by his positive energy, passion and love for everything he teaches."

                                                                   Danielle, actress 2010

"I really enjoyed being a part of David's class! I used to think that reading music was just something that I couldn't learn how to do; I had taken classes in school before, but I never could put it all together. However, learning the skills gradually and then actually using them to try to read music in David's last class showed me that it's definitely something I can do... I just have to work at it like any other language. This class definitely gave me a boost in the right direction!"

                                                                  Carly, actress 2012

"Even though I've done musicals before, not being able to read music has limited the kinds of auditions to which I submit while in New York.  I've felt like I can't be competitive in the musical theater field out here, but one three session class with David has helped me feel infinitely more comfortable looking at written music.  I'm [able to] make the thought of walking into a sight-singing or musical audition a lot less scary.  David is so friendly and accessible that he in turn makes the thought of learning to read music in what amounts to 6 hours not only possible, but unintimidating!"
                                                                      Holly, actress 2012

"David Dabbon's class is an adventure ....  David helps you to learn confidence.  It is a FABULOUS class and David is an encouraging and an inspiring teacher.  After years of not singing because of a frustration with my voice, David helped me to learn how to use my quirks to my advantage, pick up material quickly, develop technique, and love singing again."

                                                                   Brittany, singer 2011

"I definitely improved sight reading skills and personal preparation skills. I... walked away with really useful techniques for learning a song in say tough audition scenarios--for example, how to at least pick up melody in 10 minutes when there's no piano."

                                                                  Lauren, singer 2010

"David Dabbon's ....class, focuses on music theory, ear training,... rhythm, sight reading, and basic musicianship. (AKA - a pretty bad-ass class)"

                                                                  Michael, acress 2011

"David's teaching style is insightful, fun and not intimidating in the least.  He takes a genuine interest in every student's progress and is always encouraging."

                                                                     Richard, dancer 2012

"David is an incredible coach- his positive and supportive energy, hand in hand with his vast amount of musical knowledge and honesty has helped guide me to new levels. He knows how to talk to actor/singers and how to get the best work out of you. David has helped me book jobs by giving me the confidence to go in there and know exactly what I'm doing musically as well as acting-wise. I would recommend coaching with him to anyone- he's amazing! The real deal.”


- Marissa McGowan, Broadway Actress/Singer (Les Miserables, Bonnie and Clyde, A Little Night Music)



"David is a rare breed of artist:  one who works to elevate his collaborators and students to further themselves on their own terms.  He has a fundamental understanding that every artist is on a unique path.  As an educator, music director, and composer in his own right, David understands the creative struggle from every angle, and teaches from an understanding of his own practice.  As a person, David is unfailingly compassionate and generous:  you'll find not only a teacher, but a mentor and a friend who is genuinely and personally invested in realizing your potential.  I can recommend David without the slightest hesitation.”


- Ed Sylvanus Iskandar, Director (Two Drama Desk Nominee for These Seven Sicknesses and Restoration Comedy)


I went to David because he had music directed a recording that I had worked on. I had about 6 songs to work on for a concert I was doing consisting mostly of songs from the Great American Songbook. After coaching the unfamiliar material with him, I walked out feeling confident and full of new ideas on how to approach the different pieces. One particular song had me all flustered when it came to the tricky rhythms and time signature changes. Because of David's back round in dance, he encouraged me to get the piece into my body (which is not always my go-to approach) and I was finally able to connect with the song. Not only did I walk out of my coachings feeling like I finally had a strong relationship with the material but I also felt so calm and focused. David has a very chill/ zen-like quality about him that can't help but keep you in the same headspace. 


- Sara Jean Ford, Actress/Singer (BROADWAY: A Little Night Music, Phantom Of The Opera, How To Succeed...)



“Working with David is unlike working with any other coach. He is incredibly insightful, with a highly tuned sensitivity to truth -- in acting and in life. I have found that talking through my artistic trouble spots with David has led to more clarity and energy in my work. He is a very good music teacher who understands the technical challenges in a voice, and my pieces have certainly grown under his tutelage. But his most unique gift is as a therapist-like coach for artistic intention. Figuring out your personal mission is one of the most challenging projects an actor can face, since we are so used to performing other people's words; but David recognizes how necessary this step is to being able to perform with fullness and passion. He is incredibly intuitive, and it inspires me to trust my own instinct. His focus on what I truly wanted to say as a performer, his gentle insistence that I stay true to my self and to my voice, has been as instrumental to me as singing scales.”


- Kyra Miller, Actress/Singer (Big Easy Award Winner for Best Actress 2012)